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Bonfire in Sand


Believing that freedom, joy, and life to the full are found in Jesus, we relentlessly pursue becoming like him through personal and communal spiritual practices that help us live freely in his love. 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out


Believing that God our Father is working to restore all that is broken in our world, we seek to be agents of his restoration by working for justice and righteousness in pursuit of communal healing and creating spaces for people to experience individual healing through

the working of the Holy Spirit.

Summer Family Dinner


Believing that the image of God is within each person and that God is a relational God, we welcome one another into communities where we are seen, known, and loved that together we might discover more of who God created us to be.



Believing that every person is called to join God on his mission to restore what is broken in the world, we live

as joyfully sent people in our families, neighborhoods, cities, and the world, sharing with others the holy

freedom and wholistic healing found in Jesus.

Summer Sunset


Believing that Jesus seeks to make our joy complete by giving us his joy, we enter into times of fun and rest together that we might celebrate and enjoy the abundant life offered in Christ.

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